Potty about French Bulldogs 💙

Now it’s nothing new that we are absolutely, positively potty about frenchies… But this time we really are proving it to the world. There are so many different colours of French Bulldogs these days but sometimes we like to go back to basics, kick back to a time where it was all black and white.. Well, Pied… You can thank us later! 

Oh and in case you were wondering, yes, the answer is yes. This little boy is looking for his new home. If you’d like any details just give me a call! 

M x 






Mandanna Puppy Pack!

With a Mandanna Puppy, We give a bag of food that she or he is currently eating, a measuring cup, a teddy or toy, a doggie bowl, a snuggly blanket with their siblings smell on (comforting for their first night away).. A dazzling collar for our very special pooch all in a cute bag to keep all the bits and bobs together.