Celine Hand Luggage

Going somewhere? When it comes to trendy dogs we have seen Chihuahuas popping their little heads out of celebrity handbags for years but there is no doubt that The French Bulldog is the hottest dog out there, but why is The French Bulldog this years best Co-Ord?


With The French Bulldog’s biggest fans like Tom Hardy, Jessie Ware, Gok Wan & Lady Gaga there is no wonder we can’t get enough of this hot dog. But is it just because of their celebrity following? NO. These big eared pooches stand on their own with some having hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers just purely for their character and appeal.

Pied Partners

So¬†its no surprise that we just want to shout from the roof tops about how wonderful Frenchies are, and to be honest, we think most people already know… All we know is, French Bulldogs for us is no fad, no fashion statement.. these guys are our favourite dogs. For life. So even if they ever go out of fashion and the next top dog comes along we’re still going to be over here chilling with our Frenchies living it up.

If you are looking for a French Bulldog, then get in touch! I am passionate about our Frenchies and would love to give more details about our puppies.


Sweet Pea

Meet our beautiful Sweet Pea!


Bitesized Black Puddings!

These Tastey Little treats are good enough to eat and now ready to go to their forever homes! Don’t Hesitate in calling or emailing to arrange a viewing!…Potted Pug, anyone?

Visit Lords & Labradors

We are a great fan of Lords & Labradors, After being asked for models we have been browsing their products and we LOVE their bright coloured Candy Collection beds and also their Crate covers which are great for new puppies.. We have posted our favourite puppy crate cover with French Bulldogs on!! See our Top Model post and visit:


Next Top Model

We are very excited to announce that we have been approached by Lords & Labradors to do a photo shoot, so we took along our wonderful Blue French Bulldog puppy for a little try at modelling!