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  • All puppies are regularly wormed with Panacur 10% and Stronghold which prevents fleas and ticks as well as worms.
  • Puppies do not leave without their 1st vaccination and 5 star vet check at 8 weeks (heart, ears, eyes, teeth, general condition and patellas).
  • Each puppy will leave microchipped and you will fill your details on site so all you need to do is send them off once you have your little friend home. Should your puppy become lost or stolen it will be much quicker to reunite them with you!.
  • All Puppies come with 4 weeks free pet insurance with Pet plan which gives you added security when buying any puppy.
  • Puppies are accompanied with a scented blanket (with mum’s smell on) which comforts your puppy on his/her first night away making the transition to their new home as easy and as smooth as possible.
  • Our puppies also leave with a bag of Royal Canin puppy food which we feed after weaning; we suggest keeping them on this as sometimes too much change can cause an upset stomach. Royal Canin is also a top quality complete biscuit which promotes healthy wellbeing.
  • The puppies are raised in a family home and therefore are well socialised with children as well as our other dogs so you can be rest assured that any Mandanna puppy has a well socialised and loving personality.

Puppy Training:

Mandanna feel that the best way to train your puppy is f86857204de0f24450ab0ec495a47940through Positive reinforcement; this works by using praise and positive actions or rewards, rather than punishment or correctional actions, to teach your dog right from wrong.

The key with this type of training is to determine what it is that motivates your dog, and use that motivator as a reward after good behavior. In positive reinforcement dog training you can use treats, toys, physical affection, verbal praise or a combination of any of those, to reward your puppy for correct behavior.

e37f25b185c74fefbb05cebd2d8961a1Tummy Upset:

An On-going concern for many breeders is the fact that a percentage of puppies entering their new home will experience some form of usually mild gastrointestinal upsets, I.e Diarroea with a small amount of blood and mucous.

This problem is certainly not new, and since this is experienced by a large number of puppies it is considered by many veterinary surgeons to be normal. Standard textbooks suggest that the problem is unsurprisingly related to change of diet, stress of transportation and exposure to micro-organisms in the new environment that the puppy has not previously experienced.

Sudden changes in diet play a very important role in the possible development of the problem, and feeding of small volumes of bland food for several days after transportation can prove very helpful.

Of course, we offer a weeks supply of food that the puppy has been weaned on as part of our puppy pack.

Also it must be accepted that water quality/ Type will vary throughout the country and little can be done about it. Most vets would accept some gastro intestinal upsets following transportation of any young animal to a new environment, and would consider these to be an unfortunate fact of life. However the majority of cases and with sensible management they should be no more than a transient nuisance.

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