Puppy Packs

Mandanna have teamed up with British luxury brand, Lords & Labradors to bring you a ‘welcome to the world’ essentials box which provides you with everything you and your new puppy needs to settle in perfectly to their new home. From years of experience we know that bringing home a new puppy can be a daunting task. When you buy a ‘Welcome to the world puppy box’ using the Mandanna breeder code: MDFB01 you will receive a free toy worth £10. There are already savings of over £30 on the products in the essentials box.

Medium Puppy Pack
Mandanna have teamed up with British Luxury Brand, Lords & Labradors to make bringing your new Mandanna puppy home as easy and as enjoyable as possible

With my 30 years experience, I know how many things you can get for your puppy, but never fear! I always give a goody bag of ultimate essentials for your puppy which consists of:

– A Jazzy collar, a Mandanna puppy is the sweetest cake you could ever try but one of our collars truly is the cherry on top…

– A bag of Royal Canin food, this is the best food around, it is great for their glossy coats, health, teeth and well-being, This is also what your new baby would have been eating so its best not to change his/her food until your puppy is completely settled in to your home.

– A snuggly blanket, moving house is stressful for the best of us, but for a little puppy, moving home and being away from his siblings is often thought of as the most stressful time in a dogs life. So we give a blanket that smells of mum to ease the transition.

– A toy, a friend, whatever you may call it, I am guessing you have already bought up the whole of Lords & Labradors for your puppy but this way your puppy can travel home in comfort.

– All of my puppies leave with 4 weeks free insurance to keep your mind at ease when you buy a puppy from myself.

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