Testimonials- The Next Chapter

Here at Mandanna, we love to know how each and every one of our puppies are enjoying their new forever homes once they’ve left us. Here are some stories and photos of our puppies on their next chapter of life! Should you choose a Mandanna puppy, we’d love to keep in touch!

Hi Madeleine

I hope this email finds you well.  I thought it was about time I did an update on little Tia.
Tia has settled in fantastically, she is a real part of our family and I couldn’t imagine life without her.   As I have been ill she has been amazing company for me and she has made the most perfect snuggling buddy during the day and such wonderful company at other times.   Her personality is wonderful she is so loving and playful and has me laughing most days.

She got used to being on a leash really quickly and walks quite  well,  I was surprised by how little exercise she needs, I think I tired her out at first but soon discovered her limits.
I have attached some photographs for you as promised. The winter coat ended up having to go back as she didn’t like it – it could be my taste lol.
Take care and will speak to you again soon.
Julie x

IMG_2067 IMG_2091


Hi Madeleine! Hope you and your family are well. Just wanted to update you on Benson – he’d settled in amazingly, he has a fantastic temperament. We seem to be stopped every walk we take him on with people saying what a lovely looking dog, we have had cars stopped with people asking to see him. He’s on his final weeks puppy training and hopefully will come home with a certificate. Hope you like the photos xx

Gayna and David Rouse xx



Hi Madeleine, Thanks for the email. Hope you and Eve are well! Barney is doing really well, he is nearly fully potty trained! He loves being with me all the time and is very snuggly. I’ve attached some pictures so you can see. Thanks, Romy

image (1)


Hi Madeleine Hope you are well Dolly is absolutely adorable and has grown a lot and I can’t imagine life without her. She is with me all of the time. She is very popular in the office so there is always someone to play with or have a cuddle. She is such a funny character. Downside is when I take her for a walk a 10 min walk takes half an hour as She gets her photo taken most days, and she seems to love all the attention. I can see why people who own them are smitten. The burping, farting and snoring are a small price to pay for these adorable dogs. Celia


Hi Madeleine ,

Hope you’re good , I just thought I would let you know how Hugo is getting on now , he is turning into a real handsome chap , How are things with you ?

Again thankyou

Adam Baylin

image (3)


Hi Madeleine, Hope you had a good weekend. Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and Eve, who was really nice and informative yesterday, for all your help. Barney has settled in really well and never wants to leave my side! I couldn’t recommend Mandanna Puppies more, from start to finish you made the process as easy as it could be! Thanks again and hope to see you in the future. Romy x


Good morning Madeleine

Just a quick up date on Dolly after her first week. She has settled down extremely well. She cried for the first 2 nights but has been fine since, She has visited the vet and got an all clear.

She is incredibly greedy and bear has had to learn not to lift his head up whilst eating as his food will be gone!.. There has been a couple of battles.She is with me in the office and has already endeared herself to the staff. She is so friendly. We have started lead training and when she has had enough she sits down and there is no moving her!

My son came back to Amsterdam so we took her to London to meet him. She is an absolute delight and we all adore her.

Kind Regards


dom and dolly sept 2014


Hi Madeleine, Thought i’d send you this picture of Lola. I think she has a shoe fetish…She currently has three in her bed! Lisa x



Hi Madeleine,  I do hope you’re well, this is Alex – we adopted the lovely fawn french bulldog puppy who we named Nelson from you last month. I just wanted to let you know that he’s doing wonderfully and has a really great temperament, so I’m sure it’s you we need to thank for that. Also, a few people have approached us saying that they were after French Bulldog puppies, so I recommended you and gave them your details. I hope that’s alright. All the best, Alex.


 image (1)image (2)

A Huge well done to Claude here, Kimberly is a Proud Mummy!


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