Wall of Fame

At Mandanna we pride ourselves on our standards and reputation as licensed breeders. To us each and every one of our dogs are special and make a special effort to keep up with what our puppies get up to as they grow up to be fabulous ambassadors for Mandanna and a loving part of your family. This can be recognised by all… We would like to show you some of our most famous pups and invite you to follow our Instagram… @mandannadogs

love Mandanna x

Gok Wan

Its clear for everyone to see that Gok really loves his Mandanna French Bulldog as he has only gone and put her on the front of a jumper in his new collection for Sainsbury’s (and yes, we have the jumper…) Dolly has carried out work for Dogs Trust and has been an exceptional ambassador for us. watch this space…

King Stanley Burrows, ruling South London and his parents forever…

he even has his own Instagram: @frenchstanley

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