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Here at Mandanna, I have over 30 years experience and knowledge of dogs and I am incredibly proud of the outstanding, healthy and friendly French Bulldogs and Pugs I work hard to achieve. 

I am Madeleine and from a young age I have been brought up around animals (being a farmers daughter) but my particular love and passion has always been for dogs. It wasn’t until 15 years ago that I was introduced to my first French Bulldog, She was called Matilda; Matilda was an incredibly beautiful fawn french bulldog and it would be an understatement to say that she has brought a whole load of happiness to my family. Ever since then, I have never looked back, French Bulldogs are wonderful dogs and have so much charisma and personality that only a French Bulldog lover could understand. French Bulldogs come in all sorts of shapes and colours but I like to think my French Bulldogs are traditional representatives of the breed. I’d love you to take a look through my website, galleries, guides and our lifestyle blog. Then follow us!

So less about me… and more about Mandanna Dogs…

My dogs are given the freedom and enjoyment to run in our orchards and paddocks throughout the day. We are inspected annually by our local council to attain our Registered Breeders Licence, of which proves we maintain our exceptionally high standards of care and attention. Along with our breeders licence, we are a registered member of The Kennel Club and thus register all our puppies and we believe that obiding by the Kennel Club regulations is essential for our dogs wellbeing. Our vet also visits on a regular basis health checking all of our dogs and puppies.

Before any of our puppies leave for their forever homes we ensure all of our puppies are vet checked, wormed to date, have their first vaccination, are microchipped and come with four weeks free insurance with PetPlan. They are also accompanied with a Mandanna Puppy pack containing all the esentials to help the puppy settle into their new home, puppy packs contain a bag of Royal Canin which all our puppies are weaned with, A scent blanket with mum’s and/or siblings smell on for comfort, and various toys and accessories to help spoil your new family member!

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If you have a Mandanna dog use the Hashtag #mandanna for likes and regrams, we’d love to see!

Love, Mandanna Dogs x

29 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hello,
    Me and my family are looking into getting a French bulldog, we have been thinking about it since the summer but due to my husband being away until February 2016 we wanted to wait until he got back.
    I was wondering if you would have any boy puppies ready around mid Feb?
    Many thanks Laura

    • Hi Laura, thank you for getting in touch, I’m delighted you have chosen a Mandanna puppy. We have puppies ready at the end of January and at the end of February. Did you have any preference on colours? Thanks, Madeleine

  2. Hi there

    Will you have any puppies ready for the end of May. We have been looking around a lot for a puppie and after a lot of of research we feel a French bulldog is the best breed of dog for us my partner has owned a dog before but this will be my first puppie and I m so excited. I must say your website is wonderful and so informative and of course the dogs look wonderful.

    Many thanks

    • Good evening Carly,
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      We hope to have puppies in May . If you contact me in late March I will know is we have a mummy expecting.
      I’m pleased you like the website.
      If you require any further information or would like to visit , please let me know.
      Kind regards Madeleine.

      • Hi Madeleine

        I will indeed contact you in late March thank you so much that will fabulous.
        And thank you for being so helpful.

        Many thanks


  3. Good evening Madeleine

    Do you keep a waiting list for pups?

    Your dogs look fantastic and I note you have a litter at the moment but I to am keen to take on a puppy in the next few months (will then be in a position to take time of work to spend time settling the puppy).

    Kind regards


    • Good evening Ellis,
      Thank you for your enquiry.
      We are hoping to have a couple of litters in the next two months.
      Are you looking for a little girl or a boy ?
      Do you have a preference for colour?

      You are very welcome to visit and meet some of our current puppies and their parents.
      It would be good to meet and have a chat.
      I look forward to hearing from you.
      Kind regards ,Madeleine.

      • Hi Madeleine

        Thank you for your prompt response! I would prefer a male owing to the fact our family dogs have always been male and I have no experience of females. However, any advice/information in this regard is appreciated.
        With regards to colour, I like the fawn or lemon pied though the colour isn’t the deciding factor for me (though I appreciate it may help you determine which litter may suit my preferences!). I would be very keen to meet the parents and any pups in advance. I will speak to my partner and hopefully schedule a mutually convenient time/date in the near future.



  4. hi, my name is brittanie and i am interested in a french bulldog. I was wondering where you were located and prices for male frenchies.

    • Hello, prices vary depending on colour, we are in Lincolnshire, perhaps you could give me a call if you would like to discuss what you are looking for, with best wishes, Madeleine

    • Good morning Brittanie,
      We are located in Lincolnshire.
      Prices vary according to colour. Our fawn little boys are £1400, pied are the same price . Brindle puppies are £1100.
      Please get back to me should you need any more information.
      Kind regards, Madeleine.

  5. Hello there.
    I have been recommended to come to you from someone on facebook. I am looking to home two female puppies. Ideally one brindle and the other one fawn or red. Do you have any litters due or puppies nearly ready to go to a new home.
    Regards Lorna

  6. Hello

    I sent an enquiry a few days ago but havent received a message back as yet. I was wondering if you have any puppies ready for a new home? Looking for two females fawn and a brindle


    • Hi Lorna, I had done I’m not sure if it had gone through, I have a fabulous brindle girl and I will be expecting more puppies at the end of the month. Please could you call me? 07836741234 and I can tell you all about them. With best wishes, Madeleine

      • Thank you for coming back to me. I will call tomorrow as its abit late now. How much is the brindle girl?Regards Lorna

  7. Good evening,
    Could you please let me know if you have any puppies either for ale at the moment or due shortly as we are looking for another fb to join our madhouse
    Thanks Tracey

  8. Hi, me and my partner have been thinking about getting a frenchie for a while now. One of my friends purchased her pup from you and has highly reccomeded we use you when we decide to get a pup of our own. I was just wondering if you breed blue pups and what the price range is for a male blue. Thanks in advance x

    • Hi Kimberley, we are expecting blue puppies in mid November.
      Our male puppies usually start at £2000. This depends on colour blue/fawn blue/brindle. Blue/pied. Solid blue.
      You are very welcome to visit and meet Saphire who is mum.
      Please get back to me if you require any more information.
      I look forward to here from you.
      Kind regards , Madeleine.

  9. Hi, a couple I recently met with a stunning French bulldog recommended you to me as they got their beautiful boy from you.
    I am looking to get a male around the beginning of January. Me and my partner are moving into a new house in December but due to the busyness of Christmas we’d rather wait until the beginning of January. Would you have any pups ready at this time?

  10. Hi myself and my wife are very interested in buying a bitch from you have you any available at the moment or in the not to distant future.Colour wise would love a blue/fawn
    Look forward to hearing from you
    King Regards

    • Good evening Mark,
      Thank you for your interest in my puppies.
      I currently have a lovely little blue girl but no blue/fawn females at the moment.
      Our sweet Stella is due to have babies around April 7th. She is blue/fawn and the farther of her babies is blue / pied.
      I hope this is helpful.
      Kind regards , Madeleine.

  11. I have a daughter to one of your boys. Thunderbush blueberry bob. I was wondering if I could please have a photo of him and know his colour back ground please. Thank you

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